About us

Albkos Safety Sh.p.k. was founded in 2009, in Prishtina, to become the main provider of Fire Protection and Rescue Products and Services in the Republic of Kosova.

Recognizing the importance of having easy and comfortable access to multiple security services, we specialized in providing a complete solution, under one roof, of a wide range of quality products and services in the field of security.

Our staff

We, at Albkos Safety Sh.p.k., have employees with long experience in design, supply of products and services in the field of security, some of whom, in this sector have worked for years.

Field technicians / specialists follow rigorous training in our facilities to achieve the highest standards. During this training period they work under the direct supervision of certified and experienced staff.

Additional training is provided through seminars and certification programs organized by our partners and other relevant institutions.

Albkos Sh.p.k. staff is certified to work with fire protection equipment according to LAW NO. 04/L-012 ON FIRE PROTECTION.

Quality policy

lbkos Safety Sh.p.k. is equipped with ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate and certificate according to European Union Regulation (EC) No. 304/2008, while the Agency for Emergency Management / Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, is authorized to exercise the following activities:

  • Designing projects - fire protection elaborates
  • Testing of grounding resistance in lightning receiving installations
  • Checking and servicing equipment - apparatus for extinguishing initial fires
  • Design of equipment, installations of detections, warning and fire fighting
  • Controlling and measuring water pressure in the hydrant network


The company’s policy is to supply customers with products and services which achieve and maintain the highest possible quality standards. This statement is our foundation of management philosophy and reflects the commitment of each individual within the company.


To stand out in what we do and build a safe environment for our community.

Our distinctive qualities

  • Quality products with affordable price
  • Training on the use of products from our program
  • Stock management and fast delivery
  • Technical service 24/7


  •   Fire Extinguishers of all types and sizes
  •   Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems
  •   Fire Detection Systems
  •   Hydrants and associated equipment
  •   Hoses for Hydrants and Professional Hoses for the Firefighters service
  •   Fire Rated Doors
  •   Professional equipment for the firefighters service


  •   Regular / periodic checking of fire extinguishers, their maintenance and refilling in accordance with Law no. 04/L-012 for Fire Protection
  •   Theoretical and practical training for the use of Fire Extinguishers
  •   Installation, regular / periodic checking of hydrants and their maintenance
  •   Earthing resistance testing in lightning installations
  •   Design, installation, regular/periodic control and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems.
  •   Design, installation, testing, regular / periodic control and maintenance of automatic fire extinguishing systems
  •   Designing fire protection regulations, emergency response plans
  •   Designing fire protection projects and studies in the implementation of protective measures
  •   Review of equipment which contain greenhouse gases (according to European Union Regulation EC/304/2008
  •   Training on the use of equipments from our program

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