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Water-jet pump

Water-jet pump

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Water-jet pump
 Water-jet pump

ArticleSolid coupling
Inlet I                Outlet
Positioning angleHeight
H [mm]
L [mm]
Item No.
*Water-jet ∅52=C∅75=B0 ÷18004552607.51012523

*Water-jet pump

The water-jet pump is used for pumping water from cellars, pump shafts, building sites etc. It is also used as a water supply pump in places that are inaccessible to fire-fighting vehicles, or in cases where the low water level of rivers or marshland renders pumping with classical pumps impossible.

The pump can be used wherever there is a low water level. In addition to classical electric and motor drives, it can also be driven by the kinetic energy of water from hydrants.

A pressure of 0.2-0.3 MPa in the hydrant suffices to empty a normal-sized cellar almost completely. The pump’s functioning is unaffected by the presence of mud, grass or other impurities in the water.

- aluminium alloy – kneading quality
- aluminium alloy – casting quality
- copper alloy – kneading quality
- washers –  rubber
- Novilon plastics

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