Heavy-foam branches

Heavy-foam branches

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Heavy-foam branches
       Sewer cleaner

Size Solid coupling Length
L [mm]
H [mm]
Item No.
S2 ∅52=C 850 115 2.8 1012508
S4 ∅52=C 1100 115 3.2 1012509
S8 ∅75=B 1100 150 3.8 1012510

The function of the heavy-foam branch is to mix air with the foam generating substance and water, to froth the mixture, and to direct the jet.

Anadvantage of these branches is their greater range, resulting from the high specific weight of the foam, and the option of using water only. The followingfoam generating substances are used with these branches:

 - protein foam generating substances – PRP - all-purpose foam generating substances - UP

- aluminium alloy – kneading quality
- aluminium alloy – casting quality
- washers –  rubber

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