Fenzy X-Pro SCBA

Fenzy X-Pro SCBA

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus specially developed for firefighting. Its unique design offers comfort and high performance with the new “Extreme Comfort” harness, an ultra-light back plate adjustable to every morphology and a foldable foot guaranteeing a complete protection of the high pressure system.


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Fenzy X-Pro SCBA - EN Standard

Includes manometer with alarm whistle, size M full face mask "Opti-Pro" with silicone headstraps and "Fenzy SX-Pro" First Breath Activzation demand valve, without cylinder

Key Features

  • Resistant to hostile environments : extreme temperatures, chemical products
  • Integrated HP and MP hoses
  • Fenzy Quick-Fix system allowing to replace cylinder quickly and easily
  • Multiple anchoring rings for accessories and fast tightening straps
  • Fenzy Opti-Pro full face mask with full panoramic vision without optical distortion
  • Fenzy SX-Pro first breath demand valve
  • New “Extreme Comfort” harness
  • Ultra-light back plate, adjustable to every morphology for an optimum comfort
  • Movable and foldable foot guaranteeing a complete protection of the high pressure system

Recommended Industries/Use

  • Fire Protection
  • Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military


  • Airborne Particulates
  • Biohazard
  • Chemical
  • Contamination
  • Fire
  • Gas, Vapors, Smoke

Item number1822120
HomologationsEN 137:2006 Type 2, ISO 9001, Bureau Veritas
 for Marine use (SOLAS, MSC and MED)
Total weight of the complete set without cylinder3,9 kg
HarnessThermo-compressed comfort cushions
 on the shoulder and belt straps.
Back-plateAnti-static polymeric resin
Outlet pressure of the HP reducer7 bars
Pressure200 or 300
Power of the pressure gauge whistle> 95 DbA


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