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Përzierës shkume


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Përzierës shkume

Madhësia Lidhëse shpërndarse Lidhëse thithëse
LxHxB [mm]
  Nr. artikullit
Z2 ∅52=C ∅25=D 200 360x175x165 3.3 1016021 1016005
Z4 ∅52=C ∅25=D 400 360x175x165 3.4 1016023 1016007
Z8 Ø 75=B ∅25=D 800 515x200x165 6.0 - 1052010

The foam mixer works on the principle of an injector in which the shapes of the confusor and diffusor create low pressure in the suction chamber, causing the foam-generating substance to be siphoned through the suction hose.

The foam-generating substance is then mixed with water. A 1 to 6 % mixture can be set with the regulator. The mixer experiences an energy loss of 25 to 30 %. A minimum pressure of 0.2 MPa is required inthe branch for normal mixing.

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- aliazh bakri - përzirje kualitative
- aliazh bakri - derdhje kualitative

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