GT 3200 top për shuarjen e zjarrit

GT 3200 top për shuarjen e zjarrit


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GT 3200 top për shuarjen e zjarrit

Artikulli Rrjedha
horizontal             vertikal
Nr. i artikullit
GT-3200 0÷3200 25 360º -50º÷+80º 1012530
GT-3200* 0÷3200 28 360º -50º÷+80º 1012569

*me reflektor

The GT 3200 fire monitor is designed for extinguishing category A and B fires, and in exceptional cases category C fires as well, with water or heavyfoam. The monitor can be installed onto a fire-fighting vehicle equipped with built-in pumps, or mounted onto the vehicle by way of a detachable coupling for quick connection and disconnection.

Another possibility is to mount it onto a monitor trailer equipped with either an A or B drawbar coupling and other elements suitable for quick handling. The third and fourth possibilities are to mount it onto a portable stabilizer with the ∅75 (B) coupling, or onto a stable water supply.

The pricipal parts of the GT 3200 fire monitor are: - the revolving housing which enables unhindered 360º horizontal and -50º to +80º vertical movement of the pipe, thereby allowing it to cover a wide area during intervention; the regulation head, which makes it possible to regulate flow between a range of 0 to 3200 l/min and to fight fire with water only (jet or shower).

The head is fixed by means of a handle at an angle to the jet of water; two control handles by means of which the water jet or foam jet can be directed as desired; the built-in manometer with a scale ranging from 0 to 2.5 MPa. The range of the fire monitor depends on the pressure and flow setting, and on whether the agent used is water or heavy foam.

800 1200
Rrjedha [p=1.0 MPa] [l/min] 1600 2400 3200
The range* 48 60 65 70 75
Range of foam 34 47 54 64 70

*The range of water jet

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