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Madhësia Lidhëse stabileDimensionetPeshaStandardi Nr. artikullit 
HyrjaDaljaDalja-anësor[mm] [kg]
B∅75=B∅75=B∅75=B225x200x1955.2DIN 143801019010

The pressure reducer protects conduits against damage resulting from abnormally high pressure caused by an unusually high nominal pressure at the source and by hydraulic shocks. Hydraulic shocks in a conduit can result from the closing of trap-valves in the branches, distributors and valves, the bending of hoses, and the occurrence of other unexpected events during operation.

Use of the pressure reducer is also recommended in cases where long conduits are used, where there are large differences in height, and where the sources are of a high nominal pressure.

Its design enables the regulation and setting of connections within a range of 0.2 to 1.6 MPa. Should the pre-set pressure level be exceeded, it reacts very quickly and protects the conduits from damage.

The outlet enables a flow of 1000 l/min at a pressure of 0.4 MPa. The most suitable location for the pressure reducer is near the source or, in the event of long conduits, in front of the distributor.

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